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Nathália Good Lima Couto

Spoken languages:
Portuegese, English

Hi everyone! My name is Nathália Good, I was born and raised in Brazil and I’m currently doing a Master in Marketing Management. I did my bachelor in Production Engineering back in Brazil and went for a six-month exchange programme in the US. After my bachelor, I worked at L’Oréal for three years, which is where I first experienced what it’s like to work as a marketer. This is where I became curious to learn more and more about it.

Last year I was in your shoes, trying to decide where to pursue my studies. So, if you are not sure about doing this master, if you have any questions or if you are just curious about RSM, feel free to get in touch.

I speak Portuguese and English and I’m here to help you with any doubts you might have so don’t hesitate to talk to me. Hope to see you next year.

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